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Automated Web Publishing

Dancing Bears creates Web sites using the Exclamation Desktop Web Publisher, which automates publishing of data to the Web. When combined with a simple database or spreadsheet, Exclamation speeds Web updating, resulting in fresh, relevant and detailed Web sites.

"Data" can be anything from a product price to a newspaper story to a photograph, and everything in between. It's the information you want put up on the Web.

Dancing Bears can add Exclamation automation to an existing site, retaining your investment in the site design and content.

Representative sites

Powers Gallery Dagmar Cooks! Holmes Hollow
Exhibits and artist portfolios, with thumbnail and large images of the artworks. Schedule of classes (with full descriptions), recipes, cooking tips, and testimonials. 100% of the pages are generated by Exclamation. Catalog of trees, shrubs & plants, along with a gallery of cut-your-own Christmas trees.

Web Technology Demos

Demonstrations of techniques for including images, videos and music in a Web site.


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