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Desktop Applications

Dancing Bears develops multi-platform applications for Mac OS X and Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 using REAL Studio 2010.

Exclamation Desktop Web Publisher

The Exclamation Desktop Web Publisher automates publishing of data to the Web. When combined with a simple database or spreadsheet, Exclamation speeds Web updating, resulting in fresh, relevant and detailed Web sites.

See the Exclamation site for more information.

Desktop Databases

Dancing Bears creates database solutions for Mac OS X and Windows using FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced and FileMaker Server 12.

Exclamation Site Editor

The Exclamation Site Editor included in an Exclamation Web publishing system is created from a suite of FileMaker database components, each focused on managing an information domain: people, places, event, schedule, photo, etc.

Each custom Site Editor includes a run-time edition of FileMaker Pro.

Custom Solutions

Dancing Bears can create a custom solution for your business, integrating commercial applications with custom-designed applications or databases.

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