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WebAssistant Example Plus 1.54

WebAssistant is a FileMaker Pro plug-in from 360Works. See the 360Works site for more information about WebAssistant.

The WebAssistant package includes WebAssistant Example.fp7, a FileMaker database with 14 examples of WebAssistant functions.

WebAssistant Example Plus.fp7 expands the official example file with ...

  • table of contents layout for quick access to a specific example
  • "Getting Cookies" example
  • "Getting a Response Header" example
  • "Getting All Response Header Names" example


For Mac OS X & Windows: WAExamplePlus154.zip


Please send comments, questions, and additional examples to

Revision History

9 Jan 11 1.54

Add a "Getting All Response Header Names" example (uses the new WAGetResponseHeaders function);
replace the "Getting Response Headers" example with "Getting a Response Header";
change the version number to correspond to the WebAssistant release.

5 Jan 11 1.0.1 Expand the "Getting Response Headers" comments.
29 Dec 10 1.0 initial release
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