Slideshow with Controls (Smooth Gallery)

Demo: Cycle smoothly thru a set of images with captions + slide show controls.

Alternate: choose from a set of three slideshows.




Most aspects of this slideshow can be adjusted or removed. For example,

  • The slide display time can be any number of seconds (9 seconds in this demo).
  • A variety of slide-to-slide transition styles are available: Cross Fade (default), Slide Horizontal, Slide Vertical, etc.
  • The slide show size and background color can be customized.
  • Clicking an image can open a Web page in the same window; in this demo, it opens the artist's Web site. Alternatively, clicking an image can zoom to a large image (not available in this demo).
  • See the Smooth Gallery of 3 slideshows for more information about slideshow features and customization.
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